Create a 36 page essay paper that discusses Business&Management.Download file to see previous pages… These five questions are very important as it covers all major areas for studying consumer behavi

Create a 36 page essay paper that discusses Business&Management.

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These five questions are very important as it covers all major areas for studying consumer behaviours. In order to cater to those five questions, this paper has presented and discussed important sections like literature review, primary research and secondary research. The literature review has presented important theoretical background to understand the mechanism behind consumer behaviour. The primary research has obtained important data for identifying the prevailing consumers’ behaviours and secondary research has provided the factual data to link with the primary data. The gathered primary data has disclosed major trends in consumer behaviour in car markets of the UK and on the Chinese people. These primary data are also discussed and analysed in the light of the given theoretical background and secondary data. The output of the primary data analyses has supported the consumer behavioural theories and secondary data. As per the discussions based on literature review, primary and secondary data, this paper is able to cater to the five pre-defined research questions. The consumer behaviour in automobile industry of China and UK is influenced by a number of factors like culture, economic condition, brand, quality, price etc and these factors varies as per the national culture and system of the two countries. The successful automobile companies presented in both countries are able to differentiate and identify the multiple factors influencing the consumer buying behaviour. 1. Introduction The cultural paradigm of different markets like China and Britain reflect significant impacts on the purchasing behaviour of cars and domestic vehicles. The main aim of the paper revolves around understanding the reasons or factors which bring about cultural changes and thereby affect the demand for cars in the two markets. Chinese consumers in their activity of purchasing cars render special emphasis to the paradigm of quality and service. People of China tend to buy the cars of those companies which tend to provide the best service available in terms of sales and customer service. Further, the Chinese consumers also entertain large amount of sales packages along with the products which help in enhancing the product attributes. The Chinese consumers in addition to enhanced quality and service parameters also desire better accessibility of the vehicles in the consumer markets. This signifies that the dealership factor with regard to the branded cars must be further enhanced to help the Chinese consumers gain easy and better accessibility to such products. Moreover, the Chinese consumers are also characterized as being effective negotiators while making a deal to purchase a new car.

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