Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Argos online retailer, United Kingdom. Web Development.Download file to see previous pages… Many of these shops are Argos superstores that have later openi

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Argos online retailer, United Kingdom. Web Development.

Download file to see previous pages…

Many of these shops are Argos superstores that have later opening hours and a comprehensive range of both Argos Extra catalogue and Argos catalogue goods for buyers to make a choice from before the purchase. Many people in the UK live within ten Kilometers from the nearest Argos store and it has the popularity of top brands delivery at low prices to the clients. There is ready access to the Argos full range of products on the online store for home delivery and purchase. The online service store additionally provides information on products and services such as Argos wedding list service, insurance and others-either online or offline. On one hand, Argos has its own out of the ordinary set of marketing challenges and opportunities. While the roots of marketing, unique advantages that customer cares to have, are similar for most online businesses, some ideas work well for Argos as a business in contrast to another. Small businesses have the advantage of knowing their customers on a more personal level and have easier time turning them into fans as compared to large businesses, such as Argos store. Giving the clients more than they expect is the beginning down the success road and they do the marketing to others (Cockrum 2011). In order for your web site to be productive, users must find useful information or accomplish tasks. In a goal-oriented design you must balance the needs of the users and the needs of your organizations (Concepcion 2002, p. 81). This can be achieved by setting a full set of usage scenarios for each persona. One can the use the scenarios to test the site structure making sure it offers and experience that includes all the basic elements that are needed by the users to reach their goals. In this day, marketing takes an important role in many facets of an online business’ life and process (Krug 2005). It can be defined as a management process where goods and services are provided well to reach customer needs and satisfaction. It is a way of attracting people’s attention, arousing their interests, motivating and activating their desire to take action. One strategy that can be very useful to satisfy customer needs more easily and lead a company towards success is a set of effective internet marketing tools. In simple language a website is much more than a sum of its constituent parts. One of the criteria to judge a website is the content. This evaluates the information provided in terms of usefulness, degree of information, interaction and presence of valuable graphics, audio or video (Mcneil 2008, p. 28). Structure and navigation of the website is also an important feature to look for. This refers to the framework of a website, prioritization of information, organization of the content and the method which you move through the website. Visual design with high quality appearance is also a feature to consider. The first impression a website gives is important and it often influences the visitor’s interest in the website. This is defined by the URL length, download time, plug-ins requirement, home screen view and depth of site. Functionality of the website is also a prominent criterion. It defines the use of technology on the site where good functionality means the site works well. The presence of live links, quick load time is a factor. Also a site that works cross-platform on different browsers is an important factor. A highly functional site will anticipate the diversity of the user requirements from file format, file size and download speed. Last but not least is the interactivity and overall experience. This is the way that a site allows you to achieve an intended goal. Allowing a user to give and receive and having the user participate is important.

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