Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Cancer stem cell.Download file to see previous pages… For instance, in the U.S., cancer is ranked the second leading cause of death. Some scientists believ

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Cancer stem cell.

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For instance, in the U.S., cancer is ranked the second leading cause of death. Some scientists believe that the lack of progress in the treatment of cancer emanates from the fact that many hospitals still depend on the use conventional therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery radiation. These forms of therapies are not able to kill the small cells triggering the growth of cancer in the body. Therefore, since the traditional therapies have failed to destroy the cell in a tumor causing cancer, scientists have found out that the use of cancer stem cells can be the most effective way of treating cancer related tumors (Kyoung and Celeste 2012). Research shows that the removal of stem cells in the tumor suppresses the development and spread of tumor on the organs (Bapat 2008, p.8). The killing of cancer stem cells in the body will help revolutionize cancer treatments, which in turn will see a reduction of deaths caused by cancer related ailments. Cancer stem cells refer to the cells found within the tumor with the ability to self-renew and drive tumorigenesis (Reya, Morrison, Clarke and Weissman 2001). The cancer stem cells have been discovered in several human tumors such as the colon, brain, breast and hematopoietic cancers. Research show that it is the ability of this cancer stem cells to self-renew that has made it had to treat using the traditional therapies such as radiation, surgery and chemotherapies. This is because as long as the cancer stem cells are not fully removed from the human body, the remaining cancer stem cell still self-renews thereby spreading to other parts of the body(Scatena, Mordente and Giardina 2011, p.31-34). This is the reason why patients suffering from cancer diseases tend to experience relapse even after treatments. The cancer stem cells are said to persist cancer growths as a discrete population that causes metastasis by differentiating giving rise to new tumors according to Scatena, Mordente and Giardina (2011, p.31-34. Dalerba, Cho and Clarke 2007). Evidence The existence of cancer stem cell is a controversial issue within the field of medical research since quite a number of researches that have been conducted have not been able to discover the resemblance and dissimilarities between the cancer stem cells and the normal tissue stem cells. It is argued that CSCs must have the capacity to self-renew in order to be able to maintain the several mutations needed for carcinogenesis to take place and sustain the growth and spread of a cancerous tumor. This is because the differentiated cells are not able to differentiate indefinitely. The first evidence of cancer stem cells came to the public sphere in 1997, when Bonnet and Dick, through an experiment separated a leukemia cells subpopulation, which had a CD34 surface maker, but lacked the CD38 maker. After performing the experiment, Bonnet and Dick concluded that the subpopulation CD34+/CD38- is capable of instigating tumors in NOD/SCID mice that is similar to the donor. Another evidence of CSC has originated from histology. Through histology, it has been established that tumors are heterogeneous in nature harboring several types of cells originating from the host organ (Kyoung and Celeste 2012).

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