Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Communication management.Download file to see previous pages… Being a cross-cultural undertaking involving a management team with widely varied backgrounds

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Communication management.

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Being a cross-cultural undertaking involving a management team with widely varied backgrounds, the visiting team must be hosted in a manner that will not jeopardize the partnership before it even kicks off. This paper will design an action plan to implement the partnership whose objectives will include being aligned with corporate, community and personal values in a realistic, cost effective and socially acceptable context. A business merger or partnership can only be considered when the involved companies have a vision of benefiting from the combined business operations and consequently contributing to increased value for shareholders. It must be assumed that the idea of the partnership was hatched with the full knowledge of the rampant practice of software piracy in China. The first major task of the marketer would be to formulate an agenda for the merger to convince the market and the new partners of the commitment to alleviate such thoughts. Given the amount of revenue UR Software Inc. has managed to generate within five years, it can safely be thought to be performing well and has a stable customer base. Linking up with ECVIC is advantageous because of their thorough knowledge of the Far East territory. Using their own history of success and ECVIC’s strength, the new partnership can give a guarantee of the genuine nature of their products. An effective marketing strategy targeting the Far East market would be based on websites, taking advantage of the over 550 million users of the internet in China in 2013. The marketer at UR Software Inc. needs to show the new partners how they will convert stocks from the respective individual firms to the resultant combined company. The action plan must be characterized by UR Software Inc.’s intention to reduce anxieties, eliminate fears and raise two firms’ levels of mutual trust. This requires an exhibition of the awareness of China’s adopted anti-monopoly law that was enacted in 2007, where competition authorities in China stepped up the enforcement of practices against competitiveness and mergers. The action plan needs to enhance the concepts of China’s Ministry of Commerce that heavily relies on behavioral remedies that underlie cases of mergers as well as those proposed by the European Commission that favor structural remedies. It is worth noting that China emphasizes on antitrust laws. In doing business in the Canadian and North American markets, the action plan will allow public interest to play roles only in clearly defined and exceptional circumstances. Since the merger is expected to affect prudential rules, media plurality, and public security, public interests must be considered in all the countries of potential operation as a long term agenda. Antitrust authorities must be allowed to follow transparent and explicit procedures. To maintain competitive levels in markets that may otherwise become too concentrated after the partnership, structural remedies will have to de-invest in some of both the partners’ assets in favor of potential or actual competitors. The short term action plan would emphasize on behavioral remedies committed to engaging in particular conduct that will preserve conditions of competition immediately following the partnership.

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