Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Need to interview some one in the healthcare industry.Download file to see previous pages… She first applied to the nursing center as an intern eight years

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Need to interview some one in the healthcare industry.

Download file to see previous pages…

She first applied to the nursing center as an intern eight years ago. Through recommendations she rose from a nurse to a senior nurse in her current position. This was made possible by her engaging and getting enrolled in a management course besides her current nursing carrier. The need to expound her knowledge on issues to do with the health resulted in her being promoted (Wolper, 2010). Who has been your mentor and how has she or he motivated and natured your carrier? Her mentor has been her dad in that he is a doctor of a local hospital. Besides him being a doctor, he also owns a clinic. She got motivated watching her dad perform his clinical duties, and pledged to follow his footsteps (Wolper, 2004). He paid her fees and followed her progress through. All her success is due to a supportive family led by her father. Apart from family support, she attributed determination and hard work to her success. What does one need to become a healthcare administrator? To be a healthcare administrator, one needs to be an all-rounded person in that he or she should have knowledge in every sector and not in the nursing department alone. She also focused on and stressed the issue of determination in that the duties and role performed must show full commitment (Friedman, 2012). The other qualification is education in that one should be well equipped with papers. The position needs a person who has excelled in more than one discipline, but one of the disciplines should have included a nursing course. She described that the position required a lot in that academic qualification is necessary in the midst of becoming a healthcare administrator. The other qualification she explained was experience in that one should have worked in the industry sufficiently and effectively so as to qualify as a healthcare administrator. It is a managerial position, hence experience in how to handle the working environment is needed. What is your role as a healthcare administrator and who are you superiors and juniors at work? Diane Lawton described a healthcare administrator as a manager of a health institution in that he reports to the board. All workers in the health institutions report to them and include the health supervisor, nurses, and junior doctors (Morrison, 2010). Their roles include supervising of the hospital operations. every department is valued by the healthcare administrator. They also recommend to the board on the way forward in the case of failure and what needs to be done. He or she develops measures to be undertaken by the staff members. The healthcare administrator also solves disputes raised by the workers, and attends to their plights. He accounts for the stocks at the hospital and ensure that there are no bottlenecks in the operation due to the failure of different departments (Friedman, 2012). What are the challenges faced in the line of duty and what are the measures taken to overcome them? Most of the challenges are mainly work related and others concern the management. This is due to the fact that employees consider themselves to be able to occupy a better position. Another issue is lack of support by the government in that the support given is less than what is required, thus hampering the operation of the institution in service delivery (Wolper, 2010). One more issue is how to satisfy the needs of the customers without compromising the set budget.

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