Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses What do you expect will be the character of the 21st century Peaceful War-prone Chaotic.Download file to see previous pages… In any case, several challenge

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses What do you expect will be the character of the 21st century Peaceful War-prone Chaotic.

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In any case, several challenges continue to face humanity in the aspect of human relations and this creates the need for measures to address the fundamental concerns affecting humanity. In any case, the century is still young and anything is certainly possible. In the face of the growing challenges facing the world in terms of unpredictable future relations between certain countries in the world, several realities emerge. In a way, the character of the 21st century is very much unpredictable and it basically calls for a keen analysis of the whole situation in order to make sound and valid predictions in relation to the issue. In the context of peace and war, it is safer to confirm that the 21st century seems to promise much hope for the future. In a way, it certainly appears that humanity has understood the extent to which a modern war can have devastating effects on the lives of humanity. As such, most countries across the world are pushing for measures that can enhance peaceful coexistence across the world. Peace, in the context of international relations is the catalyst that can steer the course of life and drive the true sense of civilization. The experience of the two World Wars confirmed to the world that peace is the only option in a world were technology and civilization has advanced to the levels it is currently realized. The 21st century presents humanity with myriad challenges that seem to shift the priorities of humanity from the issues of war to the more fundamental concerns of this age. Such issues as climate change, poverty and other aspects continue to confront humanity day by day. In any case, the challenges that would otherwise be addressed through wars in the past are no longer addressed the same way. The United States is very careful in its operations across the world and the search for peace seems to be the most pressing preoccupation. In a way, challenges seem to emerge in this regard. The growth of the Chinese economy seems to present much headache to the Americans and it appears that the political world order might soon shift positions (Walt 45). There is a sense of growing awareness on the devastating effects of the wars that have always affected humanity. Through media and other avenues, people across the world are able to evidence the effects of the chaos that seem to be realized in certain parts of the world (Steele 25). More importantly, one of the most critical issues in the present world order has become the economic preoccupation of countries across the world. Unfortunately, economic realizations will never go in tandem with a turbulent political environment (Falk 6). It therefore goes without doubt that the 21st century promises much of peaceful coexistence in the world more than it promises a sense of chaos. However, amid the sense of peace that can be envisioned deep into the century, several challenges seem to emerge. In any case, it appears that in certain respects, war become the only option. The 21st century is inundated with a lot of challenges that seem to present a dim future for the future. The problem of terrorism is a real fact that cannot be overlooked (Scholte 250). The United States is basically at the forefront in dealing with the challenge of terrorism in the world (Jackson 15). Well, this is certainly a very delicate process where war can always be an option. In fighting terrorism across the world, it does appear that the 21st century is much gloomy in terms of dealing with the aspects of human security in relation to the challenges posed by terror (Mearsheimer 14). The notion that certain miscreants are out to terrorize the world and make life seem like mere luck is certainly not the best situation to be.

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