Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Assignment 4: United States Department of Labor Case Study.Download file to see previous pages… These provisions are made for limited periods of time under

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Assignment 4: United States Department of Labor Case Study.

Download file to see previous pages…

These provisions are made for limited periods of time under given circumstances such as involuntary and voluntary job loss, reduction in the amount of hours worked, and other life’s dynamics which may affect transitions through jobs, such as divorce, death, illness and senescence and senility. To the effect of the above disclosure, COBRA makes matters such as Continuation of Health Coverage, wages, Unemployment Insurance (UI), laws and regulations of employment, the intercourse between terms and conditions of employment at one end, and the American Recovery and Investment Act Information, at the other, clear. There are other pertinent issues that are also divulged upon in this website. These include: disaster recovery assistance and work relations, the provisions of No Fear Act (which makes the provision of the Equal Employment Opportunity Data which in turn was made, pursuant to the No Fear Act) and the benefits of employment, especially when working with the government (US Department of Labour, 1a). 2. How Employers Could Verify That Their Employee Benefits Comply With All Federal Laws by Using This Resource As a resource centre, this website is rich enough to inform employers on the extent to which they have complied with federal laws. This is because the website is dedicated to spelling out the terms and conditions of employment and the elements of these terms and conditions of employment. Particularly, in the website, there are specifications on employment health plans and benefits which are part of these employment terms and conditions. By looking at this Health Plans and Benefits section, the employer can be able to see if he is adhering to the legal injunctions provided for by the COBRA Act. If for instance the employer is not according employees and their families with the chance to realize a temporary extension of health coverage, then the employer is likely to be violating the COBRA Act. In the same website, there is information on the benefits that follow Health Plans and Benefits arrangement. There is also information on the remunerations that should be extended to employees, in the website, for employer’s use. This information is made and availed under the aegis of the Department of Labour, following the enactment of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA Act). Since these standards are usually enforced by the Department’s Wage and Hour Division, it becomes easier and more convenient for employers to know whether they are violating the FLSA Act or conforming to it. For instance, because FLSA since July 24, 2009 sets the minimum wage as 7.25 US dollars per hour, any employer who pays his employees wages below this bar is contravening the FLSA Act, if the employees in point are covered by FLSA. Again, Jacques observes that the same FLSA makes provisions for overtime pay. Specifically, FLSA stipulates that the overtime pay must not cost less than one and a half times regular rate of the payment made. Likewise, any employee who works more than 40 hours in a workweek must be entitled to overtime pay (Jacques, 83-4). In another wavelength, FLSA helps the employer know whether he is treating his employees unfairly or fairly by observing the dictates of fair employment, by stipulating the minimum age of employment. Specifically, FLSA proscribes employment of persons under the legal age (18 years).

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