Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Diabetes type 1.Download file to see previous pages… Inability of patients to control the levels of glucose in the blood through the normal mechanism makes

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Diabetes type 1.

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Inability of patients to control the levels of glucose in the blood through the normal mechanism makes their body adopt a new mechanism to control its blood sugar level leading to the disease. The condition affects about 17 per 100,000 school-aged children in the US. The condition is mostly prevalent in the Scandinavian countries, Eastern Europe and South East Asia (Alemzadeh 76). Early diagnosis and treatment is the most appropriate way for dealing with the problem. This research paper analyzes the role of technology in the diagnosis and management of type 1 diabetes. Diagnosis and Treatment According to Alemzadeh, early diagnosis management of type 1 diabetes is the most appropriate procedure for dealing with the problem (32). The researchers concluded that managing the condition among young children was a difficult undertaking. This is because young children require guidance by a guardian to oversee their medication. The researchers concluded their research based on the findings of a quantitative research designed to establish the prevalence of type 1 diabetes. The survey established that 7.5% of the affected families did not exercise correct hypoglycemia care for their children. The survey also established that poor application of hypoglycemia care to children suffering from type I diabetes was the main cause of long-term complications resulting from the illness. It has also been established that most victims of type 1 diabetes do not live to their adulthood. In addition, those who make it to adulthood suffer from other opportunistic infections or health conditions such as cancers, blindness and amputations. This indicates that early diagnosis and management are significant for the management of the condition. Type I diabetes has no known specific cause and this complicates its treatment and management. Some of these causes are avoidable while others cannot be avoided. In addition, the disease has no known cure and patients depend on control through insulin injection. Management and control of the disease are therefore the main method that is applied in dealing with the disease. It is also important to note that patients who do not follow the advice given by the doctor such as taking insulin injection at regular time intervals may suffer from severe complications as a result. Complications resulting from mismanagement may lead to long-term ailments such as loss of eyesight and even to death. Proper nutrition is the basic management practices for type 1 diabetes patients. The condition is caused by imbalance of blood sugar levels. This implies that the patients suffer from excessive or insufficient glucose in their blood leading to body malfunctioning. A proper diet includes regular low starch foods and plenty of water. In addition, patients require emergency glucose intake when their blood sugar level goes below the required levels. According to Camilleri, proper diet is the most effective method of controlling type I diabetes (876). The researcher concluded that most of the complications resulting from type 1 diabetes are related to poor nutrition. His research recommends technological innovations and application as the most appropriate strategy for dealing with the problem. In this case, application of technology will enhance proper information and monitoring of patients. According to Farrar, application of information technology will contribute to proper diet among diabetes patients.

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