Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Guns in Students’ Hands.Download file to see previous pages… The debate has attracted left wing and right thinkers who have their reasons to abort or suppo

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Guns in Students’ Hands.

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The debate has attracted left wing and right thinkers who have their reasons to abort or support carrying guns in school. The complexity that borders this debate is that rules that guide institutions defers from one state to another (Korones). Some states allow people to carry concealed weapons while others do not allow. However, the daunting task in this essay is debate on this issue by considering either side of the argument. While many some people feel that carrying a gun is a constitutional right, it has negative impact among students. American universities sometimes witness violent crimes because of personal differences that some students harbor. Carrying guns to campuses would aggravate the state of such violence in college. Many pro gun advocates feel that handling college crimes require a weapon, which can protect an individual from her or his detractors (Hanford). The proposal seems to create more problems than solving the issue of crime increase in institution. I believe that no person would sit back and wait for legal redress in an event, which attract heated debate. Psychologists acknowledge the difference in temperament of people as shaped by environmental factor during childhood. Aggressive behavior that one develops when in early stages of development can have devastating effects at later stages in life. Apparently, many college students are either in their late teenage or early adulthood. Pressure associated with groupings usually aggravate students aggression and may act contrary to the provisions of law in order to win views of his colleagues (Korones). This leaves no room for weapon in colleges because the intention of a student against a fellow student might not be predictable. It is impractical to assume that students would uphold moral standards set by colleges when clear differences are evident during debates and other college activities. When guns get their way into colleges or campuses, the education facility might fail to deliver its mandate (Harnisch). The shooting in lecture hall is clear evidence that lectures might not accept a debate over issues that are controversial in the society. Failure to exhaust issues touching on a particular topic compromises education standards. Learning institution delivers its duty by elaborating or issues while taking a middle ground. Everyone is aware about the long stretch to equality in the United States. I believe that the society has information pertaining to slavery and atrocities associated to slavery. Debating such issues in college is likely to influence thinking of a college student. Some stories about the past evident in American history evoke emotions depending on which side one would take. Such emotions may spill into the society when proper measures are not in place to control student reactions. Evidently, lectures do not have the burden of evaluating the behavior of a student in campus or control private issues of a student. Campuses should be free from guns in order to allow conclusive debates to take place. I believe that a person will be free to debate exhaustively when he or she is free than when under the influence of an impending danger. Guns in the hands of students might comprise public safety when student riot (Hanford). Rioting in campus is not a strange occurrence. Many reasons contribute to differences experienced in colleges.

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