Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Interpersonal Communication with High School and College Students.Download file to see previous pages… This notion can be called as “maintained social capi

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Interpersonal Communication with High School and College Students.

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This notion can be called as “maintained social capital.” By recognizing the role of Facebook and filling the gap of social capital, it can be stated that more use of Facebook can enhance the social capital positively (Ellison et al., 2007). A new term “friendsickness” has become common to express the feeling of loneliness resulting from the loss of past links with old classmates particularly when a student gets admission into a college after finishing school. Cummings et al. (2006) have explored the role played by internet technologies specifically on college-going students. Students maintain their interpersonal communication through the use of emails and short messaging service to remain in touch with their high school friends after they get away from their homes to join a college. Therefore, this measure of students’ interaction with their past companions especially to preserve their social capital by communicating after getting to the next stage of their student life by becoming collegiate provides them the opportunity to remain in touch and preserve their school-time friendships Interpersonal communication helps in creating life changing social capital, which students can now-a-days accumulate quite easy way although changes take place with the making or getting away from online links fructified through social networks. Specific changes in social networks can devalue the created social wealth with the shifting in geographical positions wherein the networks were formed, causing loss of generated social relationship wealth of students. Globalization has made people prone to shifting places, particularly in the U.S. people abandon the region for better job opportunities (Putnam, 2000)). Cummings et al. (2006) &amp. Wellman et al. (2001) have explored the part played by internet in bringing communities nearer. Wellman et al. (2001) have researched on the role of internet in bridging the distances through emails by those who use internet increasingly in stead of using it as a alternative for offline communication with those living in the vicinity. The link between the use of Facebook, a famous online social network website, and the building and keeping of social capital has been explored. Other than approximating kinship and creating social worth, a new angle of social interaction gets explored that measures one’s capability to remain linked with members of a past online populated community, which is named as preserved social value. Regression studies organized on outcomes from a survey of undergraduate students indicate a powerful link between use of Facebook and the three kinds of social values, with the most powerful link being to fill up the gap in social capital. Other than this, Facebook usage proved beneficial to communicate on steps of psychological well-being, indicating that it could offer higher benefits for users passing through a phase of reduced self-respect and low level of life satisfaction (Ellison et al., 2007). Currently, transition to college has become very easy with the online medium of Facebook.

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