Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses M_Q_2.Download file to see previous pages… The culture of an organization shows the way the employees deal and interact with each other while performing th

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses M_Q_2.

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The culture of an organization shows the way the employees deal and interact with each other while performing their job related tasks. I believe that the culture of an organization develops with time when the employees, managers, and all governing bodies of an organization work with full commitment shaping a positive organizational culture. In my view, the culture of an organization really improves the performance and productivity of an organization. A strong organizational culture unites the employees and motivates them to work efficiently and professionally towards their goals. Organizational culture includes such elements, which play a vital role in making a company reach desired sets of goals and objectives in an effective way. Some of the most influencing tasks, which organizational culture performs, include determining the organization’s effectiveness and capacity, putting energy and momentum in the employees in order to ensure organization’s success, injecting sense of responsibility in the employees, and making the employees work efficiently towards achievement of desired goals and objectives. These were some of those roles, which culture plays in making an organization achieve desired goals and objective effectively and efficiently. Answer: No: 2 Culture of an organization is one of the main drivers of organizational performance and it can definitely be used to increase performance. Daniels A. and Daniels J. found that managers need to evaluate performances of the employees and the organizations in order to implement positive changes. It depends on the managers of an organization to motivate and encourage employees to work with full dedication and commitment. The dedication and commitment shown by the employees of a company towards their job responsibilities shape the culture of the company. If the employees carry out their job related tasks efficiently, it creates an enthusiastic and motivated culture of the organization, which positively affects the new employees who come and join the company. From here, the transition process starts where impact of employees’ performance on the culture of an organization shifts towards impact of organizational culture on the performance of new employees. Once the employees succeed in shaping a work-oriented culture in an organization, it plays a considerable role in motivating new employees to work hard for the company. A new employee is not very much aware of the culture of the company where he/she gets a job. When that employee starts working for the company, he/she observes the overall workplace culture of the company and shapes his/her job behavior according to that culture. If a company will have work-oriented culture enriched with the elements of motivation, innovation, and workplace ethics, it will make a positive impact on the new employees and will make them work hard to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. Therefore, we can say that strong culture of an organization not only increases employees’ productivity but also increases the overall organizational performance. Answer: No: 3 As a senior leader, I will like to change the culture of the organization by integrating the elements of hard work, commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm in the existing culture of the organization. I believe that when employees feel like owning the company, they work with more commitment in order to make their company reach heights of success in any specific market.

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