Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Analysis of the Moto X Advert in the New York Times.Download file to see previous pages… The messages spread have had different effects on society with som

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Analysis of the Moto X Advert in the New York Times.

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The messages spread have had different effects on society with some having devastating results in the form of many disfigured minds. A villain who spreads this phenomenon is punishable by law, and deserves to be apprehended. However, this is not possible as it cannot be touched and therefore apprehended. This is because the villain guilty of these charges is the advertising for different products that exists in various forms of media. From our child years to the adulthood stage of life, the advertising that is everywhere like the air we breathe, spreads ideas that our minds feed on flooding them with fuzzy perception towards life. The common depthless idea portrayed in advertising images of today is the perception that perfection in life and happiness goals shared by individuals are easily attainable through the use of the products depicted in the images used in the adverts. Generally, advertisers use this technique to market their products through maintaining a grip on the consumers’ minds by keeping them coveting the lives in the adverts (Beasley and Marcel 15). This happens at the expense of consumers losing their focus on the more meaningful aspects of life. This principle is behind many print adverts in many magazines as in the Moto X Smartphone adverts. In the Wednesday July 3rd issue of the New York Times, advertisers posted a splitting image to advertise the new Smartphone that suggests the phone to be in the leagues of new generation innovative Smartphone available in the market through the use of various imaging techniques. Using imagery that attests to social and economic desires, special effects, color use, text and advert general layout as well as its placement, Motorola X Smartphone advertisers are making a statement that owning the phones makes one a part of a young urban generation, which has an affinity for technology innovations and economic mobility. Core arguments The adverts core argument lies in the statement “The first Smartphone you can design yourself” (“Moto X” 6). This portrays the Moto X’s customability to as one that focuses on the needs of the consumer. The argument thus argues that the phone is specifically designed to address the needs of the American population, as it is “as unique as you are”. The statement, “Designed by you. Assembled in the USA” is used as the claim for the advert carrying the whole idea used in the marketing of the product (“Moto X” 6). This statement claims that one should be able to design his or her own Smartphone. The ad emphasizes the fact that unlike most Smartphone in the American market, the Moto X is assembled in the United States and is therefore designed for the American people. This claim may be harmful to the markets of the United States as it may incite the resistance against products produced in foreign countries especially Asian countries that where most consumer electronics are based. Target market The target market of the advertisement can be looked at from two directions. First, the advert simply targets the American people. The claims that the phone is the first Smartphone assembled in the United States specifically targets the American population as it seeks to distinguish the production of the phone from the production processes of the other Smartphones in the market. The portrayal of the product a one that is local seeks to bring a sway of the American people based on their patriotism. The other target market view is based on the phone’s customability. The ad states that the Moto X is the first Smartphone that allows one to design him or herself (“Moto X” 6). As such, the advert seeks to portray the phone as one that allows the consumer to customize it to suit his needs.

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