Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Self-awareness.Download file to see previous pages… This exposure to different countries, cultures and languages made me appreciate the diversity that the

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Self-awareness.

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This exposure to different countries, cultures and languages made me appreciate the diversity that the world has to offer. As a result I am able to speak, although not as fluently as English, a number of influential languages for example French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and a bit of Zulu. In travelling one comes across other people’s beliefs and traditions some of which seem primitive to the western world standards while others seem quite sophisticated. At times one is led to question their own beliefs on whether they are strong enough or even superior to others. As a Christian, meeting strong believers in Islam always felt like we were in completely different worlds based on the outlook that these religions give to followers regarding the world around us. It is also through travelling and interacting with different people that one best notices their biases and fears. Before the family started going on international vacations, it was hard to comprehend the fact that other countries especially in the third and second worlds could be beautiful or enjoyable to live in. It was a big shock to realise that some African countries and others in Asia are quite beautiful and people there treat visitors with utmost respect and dignity. I would be biased on products manufactured from these countries but I realised that theirs are not as chemically produced as ours are. Agricultural products for example from Asia and Africa tend to be sweeter and more natural as farmers use minimum technology and few chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides. Some of my fears are centred on a variety of animals. Coming into contact with anything that has wings or scales can make me have a heart attack. It is ironical that I love turkey and chicken meat more than I do beef or pork. I also love to watch birds fly but I would flee if one came near while the same case applies to reptiles mostly snakes and African crocodiles. Above all fears is the fear to wrong others intentionally. I have grown in a family where respect for one another was highly valued. Fearing to hurt others automatically leads to respect to people and humanity in general. I believe in Santa which is one myth that I have held on since childhood. Morality is another key aspect that my family instilled in us. Due to the strong attachment with the church, I have maintained high moral values. I have also come to appreciate that material wealth or ones socioeconomic status is not as important as self respect and respect for others. Being an American I have strong affiliation to American culture which revolves around respect for our country and, although not in line with the former, occasionally dropping at a fast food restaurant for a burger. As a result of the realisation that happiness does not emanate from material wealth I now cherish more the impact of my actions on others than on myself. In this regard money earned takes a backseat and at the end of the day the issue is always how positive and beneficial my actions were. Turning the world into a better place to live in for all humanity is my lifelong goal. I believe that to make the world a better place everyone must first of all make responsible choices in their lives and take full consequences for their actions. Although some issues like abortion are controversial it is good to have a definite stance on them from a morality standpoint.

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