Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Visual Arts Experimental Drawing.Download file to see previous pages… Poor for most of his life, he worked as a wholesale fabric salesman, door to door sal

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Visual Arts Experimental Drawing.

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Poor for most of his life, he worked as a wholesale fabric salesman, door to door salesman, in a plant nursery and for a short while at a defense plant before launching into a full time artistic career (Waldman 21). Cornell found his inspiration in remnants of beautiful and precious objects that he came upon during his frequent trips to thrift stores and book shops. He could create magic from mundane objects and his work has elements of constructivism and installation art that influence the onlooker to touch and interact with the creation (Solomon 36). Famous among his works was his penny arcade portrait of Lauren Bacall, his Hotel Series and his Pink Palace Series. He kept a dossier of over 150 visual themes that interested and inspired him. His film montage Rose Hobart from the film East of Borneo is considered one of the earliest fanvids and has been preserved for cultural significance (Frye 1). Works Cited Frye, Brian. Rose Hobart. 2000. Print. Solomon, Deborah. Utopia Parkway: The Life and Times of Joseph Cornell. Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 1997. Print. Waldman, Diane. Master of Dreams. 2002. Print. Margaret Olley (250 words) Margaret Olley (1923-2011) was an Australian painter known for her still life paintings. She had more than 90 solo exhibitions in her career. Olley was born in Lismore, New South Wales and did her training in art at Somerville High School and East Sydney Technical College, where she graduated in 1945. She spent some time at Hill end area of New South Wales. Her first exhibition was held at the Macquarie Gallery in 1948. Olley also travelled to France, London, Spain and Lisbon in 1949. She stayed in France till her father’s death in 1953, whereupon she returned to Brisbane. She traveled through North Queensland in the 1950s and followed this up with a trip to Papua New Guinea (France 12). Olley painted what she saw around her. She was critical of all sorts of pretense and deliberate characterization – like following fashion, gender stereotyping of women and Australia’s isolation in the world. She adopted truthfulness in all that she saw and did. The quality of her work greatly improved after she gave up consuming alcohol in 1959. The colors in her work were deeper and her drawings more confident and three dimensional in structure, form and weight (Stewart 22). She was honored with the Order of Australia in 1991 and also won the Mosman Art Prize in 1947. Amazingly, two of her portraits – one by William Dobell in 1948 and another by Ben Quilty in 2011 – both won an Archibald Prize. One can easily see the deep vibrant colors in Poppies and Checked Cloth while Turkish Pots and Lemons hold a touch of intrigue behind the hazy look. Marigolds and Fruit once again reminds us of days gone by like the Victorian era (Pearce 19). Poppies and Checked Cloth Turkish Pots and Lemons Marigolds and Fruit Works Cited France, Christine. Margaret Olley. Craftsman House, Sydney, 2002. Print. Pearce, Barry. Margaret Olley. The Art Gallery of NSW, 1996. Print. Stewart, Margaret. Margaret Olley – Far From a Still Life, 2005. Print. Grace Cossington Smith Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984) has been hailed as the first of Australia’s Post Impressionist painters. She was born in Neutral Bay Sydney but lived most of her life at her mother’s home in Turramurra.

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