Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Government Higher Education Policies.Download file to see previous pages… It may entail acquisition of new skills and information or merely boost an unders

Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Government Higher Education Policies.

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It may entail acquisition of new skills and information or merely boost an understanding of already existing elements. Through education, a generation that breeds an alteration of society virtues is created and these develop the environment positively as they strive to achieve constant progress. These institutions further provide a platform involving social interaction measures as different cultural affiliations and individual behaviors cross (Hasley et. al., 1997, 14). The system limits discrimination as it involves assembling different ethnic affiliations with constantly environmental entities and technology. An educational government entity entails numerous models that constitute its functionality. It promotes individual intellectual development as they mature into adulthood faced with tough societal advancements. The system also works towards producing skilled individuals that are capable of propagating advancement in the technology to boost an impending economy. However, the educational policy entails a careful use of resources that need adequate provision especially by the government to instigate its advancement. There need to be sufficient resources availability to accommodate the entire population using the facility. It is the government duty to check on syllabus revision and provision of qualified professionals to help advance the learning process. A deficiency in any entity that supports the education policy negatively influences general institutional and individual improvement. There have been numerous policy changes in the UK educational system to advance the performance in the Higher Education institution. Government Higher Education Policies There have existed numerous reforms in the British education system over the years to accommodate better learning environments. These reforms have been targeted to solve impending constraints on the educational system. There have emerged problems in the standards of school performance with low school attendance leading to poor skills in the overall working population. These problems have developed to present discrepancy in higher education system where most individuals are lowly motivated to boost their overall performance. In 1980s, an experienced slow growth in educational progress among individuals especially below 16years led to the ranking of the country among poor performers. This system saw a conservative policy implementation where the government, involved parents in policymaking and articulated their financial status from number enrolled (Hill, 2001, 3). This system further promoted a public revealing of student’s result that enabled parents compare results and performance of different schools. The government sought to these systems to improve the results and general individual performance. The government of the 1980s had been conservative and exposed the inequalities in the system that existed among several schools. Secondly, there existed a problem in poor depiction of working skills especially among the younger working individuals in the UK market. The government sought to solve this problem through introducing a curriculum that applied uniformly across individuals especially in their early learning ages. This policy to maintain equal curriculum implementation was further improved in the 1990s.

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