Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Marketing.Download file to see previous pages… Being the member of G8 and OECD, Canadian economy is mostly a service based economy however, due to large na

Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Marketing.

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Being the member of G8 and OECD, Canadian economy is mostly a service based economy however, due to large natural resources. Canada is also an economy with established manufacturing base. Canadian firms working in electricity manufacturing have been slow in responding to the global changes and as a result of this also lost their share in global market. Such lack of quick responsiveness to the changing customer needs therefore have been taking its toll on firms as despite having enormous natural resources this sector is still lacking behind in terms of productivity and efficient production. (Negru 1990) Traditionally, Canada’s electronics manufacturing sector has relied heavily on exports from US however. it has now shifted to the developing countries.1 Firms like Nortel, RIM and other manufacturers have been successfully operating in the electronics manufacturing sector. However, due to global shifts in the overall dynamics of the sector, this industry in Canada is losing its ground despite the fact that it is 6% of the manufacturing GDP of Canada. Consumers are becoming aware of the overall impact of traditional sources of energy have on the environment and there is now growing concern for producing and procuring green electricity resources. Such awareness of consumers therefore forces many Electronics manufacturing firms to look for ways which can actually reduce the damage to the environment. Since supply chain management forms one of the essential strategic operations for manufacturing and even service oriented firms, its greener management is one of the key industrial market issues for the firms. (Kim and Min 2011) One of the key concerns for the Canadian electronics manufactures is the high cost of energy and the need to become competitive are the key drivers which are actually causing Canadian manufacturers to go for greener supply chain management practices. What is critical to understand however, is the fact that the same may not be feasible for the suppliers to such manufacturing firms as compliance with greener supply chain practices can increase the cost for the suppliers.2 Large firms in industry however, are also focusing on rewarding their suppliers if they adapt to the green supply chain management practices. By rewarding the suppliers, Canadian manufactures are actually providing a pricing advantage to their suppliers so that the overall marketing relationships remain competitive. There is also a greater marketing challenge for firms in Canada because green supply chain management requires firm to make a transition towards greener marketing and hence towards green organization. More industrial buyers are now actually demanding to purchase green electricity as most buyers are now focusing on reducing their carbon footprint. Such emphasis towards green electricity usage therefore may further create challenges for firms. Such inter-linkages therefore suggest that the firms must strategically take all the steps required to achieve strategic objectives of the firm. The difficulty to integrate all the aspects of industrial marketing therefore forces firms to not to go for green supply chain management practices. Since green energy sector is also heavily regulated therefore suppliers as well as buyers will have to comply with different regulatory requirements.

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