Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Indigenous People of Australia. Does Australia Need a Treaty.Download file to see previous pages… Furthermore, the paper also describes Victorian Charter a

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Indigenous People of Australia. Does Australia Need a Treaty.

Download file to see previous pages…

Furthermore, the paper also describes Victorian Charter and what it means for the indigenous people. Australia lacks a formal treaty with its indigenous and non-indigenous people which have been a goal for all councils that are planning to give human rights to these people. However, little or no concerns have been shown by the governing bodies of how the treaty should be accommodated with the constitution of Australia to protect the rights of indigenous and non-indigenous people (Broome, 2010). Aborigines, Torres Strait Islanders and other indigenous groups in Australia are the original dwellers of the Australian continent that has been living since 50,000 years. Great diversity is found between different communities in Australia which have different culture altogether. They have different languages and customs and are further divided into local communities that have more diversity in its form. But when the European settlement took place, they did not consider the rights of people that were originally the inhabitants of the country (Bartlett, 2002). Many people suggest that it would be unwise to form a treaty between aboriginal people because of their demands that would unlikely to be fulfilled. The indigenous people of Australia launched a book entitled ‘Treaty: Let’s get it right’ which was targeted at white people living in Australia and were trying to persuade them they need more than a treaty and reconciliation. The Aborigines have claimed to form a State which is ruled by their community setting up as a ‘Black State’ (Windschuttle, 2001). The book represented that they wanted to negotiate for the self government which seemed impossible for government to fulfil their demands. In Aboriginal politics, the people have always claimed for a separate nation but the main focus of their demand is the sovereignty of indigenous people. Many scholars do not agree with Aboriginal ideology because the whites have now outnumbered the indigenous people communities and now they have the right to rule in the country. The demands have forced many legal problems in the country (Hinton et al., 2008). Australia has never had a formal agreement on the treaty of indigenous people because Aboriginal have always been portrayed in the light of having no civilized pattern of living or government. The history has shown one sided relationship without covering the story of Aboriginals. They were termed as native savages by misleading people and make bad impressions in the mind of white people which developed hatred amongst them without realizing the truth. Indigenous people were completely overlooked by Australian justice and they did not consider them as relevant parties to compete with their rights. A treaty would eventually recognize and protect their rights that would lead to prosperous Australia (Langton, 2006). A treaty would be a final settlement between indigenous and non-indigenous people of Australia which would make things calm and would not give rise to civil war. The treaty is the best way for Aboriginal people to advance their cause for their freedom but before that a preliminary policy is needed that could give basic rights to indigenous people. The treaty is the central vision of Aboriginal people and it is an opportunity for them to brighten their future. These people would very far to achieve their vision which they have written many years before.

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