Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Reading and Comprehension of Texts / Discursive writing.Download file to see previous pages… The writer catches the quick attention of the niche readers by

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Reading and Comprehension of Texts / Discursive writing.

Download file to see previous pages…

The writer catches the quick attention of the niche readers by stating that the chocolate cake is ‘wicked’, as no baking is required. It details the method of preparing the cake by first mentioning the ingredients required to be put in a bowl. The next procedure of mixing chocolate and butter in water for heating is given afterwards. Oliver has pasted a picture of the cake to be put in a container after spreading the cling-film for comfortable turning and firming of the cake when kept in the fridge. One can see for oneself the thickness of the slices cut after taking the container out of the fridge. Inspiring lines about the way to keep and preserve the cake for added flavor help those who relish eating chocolate cake to try their hands by giving a serious reading to the ingredients, given at the end of the writing. The writer seems to be succeeding in inspiring the readers to go for this chocolate cake at home. The image of the cake is the lead inspiration to taste this cake after making it and not baking it at home. H&amp.M Drops Kate Moss The content of this news has been written by Claire Cozens, press and publishing correspondent of Media Guardian, UK. It is about the high profile celebrity Kate Moss, whose advertising campaign contract with the leading high street fashion line, Hennes and Mauritz has been cancelled because of the reporting that she had taken illegal drugs. This piece of news information has appeared in The Guardian to cater to the niche audience of the Newspaper, very keen to know about the happenings in the lives of popular celebrities like Kate Moss. The purpose of taking the services of popular celebrities by using them in advertisements is to popularize the brand, in this case, the clothing retailer. Popular brands such as H&amp.M pay due attention to adhere to their corporate social responsibility, which in this matter relates to H&amp.M’s anti-drug initiative. If the leading actor, propagating the use of H&amp.M clothing line, such as Kate Moss, is exposed in the public for consuming cocaine, the corporate purpose of H&amp.M fails for non-compatibility with the drug-free propaganda. That’s why it distanced itself by announcing the cancellation of the advertisement campaign with Kate Moss. Later, a change of mind occurred because the actress offered its apologies to the brand. IT is an informative writing, telling about the whole happening and other related information that Kate has been endorsing other make-up brands like Rimmel and fashion houses Burberry, Chanel and Dior. The writer has been successful in getting the point across by quoting from the company officials and Kate Moss about giving another chance to the celebrity after her regret and promise not to repeat the use of drug in future. Chanel and Burberry Dump Kate Moss This text is about Kate Moss whose advertisement contract with such brands as Chanel and Burberry has been terminated because of drug abuse. The purpose of writing this news by the online newspaper, Mirror, has been to to bring to the notice of its readers who would like to know about the responses of High Street brands over Moss’s cocaine use in the public. Celebrities have a niche audience of their own who are admirers and fans of actors and actresses and expect to follow on their lines.

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