Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Religion a Standard in Public Education.Download file to see previous pages… Since almost every individual of society contains direct or indirect linkage w

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Religion a Standard in Public Education.

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Since almost every individual of society contains direct or indirect linkage with the religion, basic knowledge about this social phenomenon is extremely necessary for all members of a social establishment. the same is applied on the multicultural and multi-religious US society, where the people belonging to divergent beliefs reside and adopt the teachings of their spiritual system both openly and secretly. Since sociology is the scientific study of different human institutions, the information about the cult and system of different religions is a matter of grave concern for the student of sociology. However, it is really startling to note that an overwhelming majority of the US population keeps very little knowledge about the faith prevailing in their culture. Not only this that they do not know about the religious belief of the fellow humans, but also it is a great tragedy to learn that the US citizens have given up taking interest in the religious values they follow. It has not only invited the concern of the philosophers and thinkers, but also alienation with the spiritual activities have alarmed them that aloofness and disinterest from religious fabrics may pave the way towards the serious decline of moral values from the very face of the US society. Consequently, the intellectuals and theorists have urged the authorities to include the subject of religion in different social sciences disciplines in order to get the students introduced with this primary institution of society. The present study aims to explore the need and significance of religion and importance of its study in the contemporary life. The study has also been supported with the theory of religion articulated by Max Weber. Essay By critically analyzing the history of the world at large, it becomes crystal clear that humans have always been the followers of one or more religions since their very arrival on the earth. The belief in supernatural powers is actually the outcome of their helplessness and inability to get their wishes and dreams fulfilled on the one hand, and the absence of their power to overcome certain problems and difficulties on the other. Although, humans have made tremendous developments in every field of life. yet such moments come in life when they undergo sentimental and emotional collapse and feel entirely helpless in the face of hardships. they are bound to seek the support of someone supernatural for their rescue as well as for the solution of their difficulties. Thus, religion provides spiritual guidance and emotional relief to the humans. In other words, humans have discovered the very reality that their survival in this world in a respectable and comfortable manner is directly dependent of seeking help from the unseen regulatory authorities of the universe. “Humans have formed their own beliefs (called probability belief in mathematics and science) about the set of unknowable elements of the universe. &nbsp.They have branded their beliefs about the unknowable as religion.” (Acharya, 2006) Hence, they have found the very truth that there is present some metaphysical powers which are regulating the system of the universe. Consequently, having affiliations with these supernatural powers and begging before them for the elimination of hardships as well as removal of misfortunes is inevitable for their survival. The universality of religion is not based upon the forms of belief and practice, but upon the social functions which religion universally fulfills.

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