Criminal Justice Integration

Running Head: Criminal Justice Integration



            The major components Criminal Justice System are mainly two, namely: the police or the peace keeping force and the legal system. The legal system in this case refers to the law, either in its written or intangible form, and the judicial institutions that are extant to define the course of the law. Examples of these judicial institutions include the courts. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the most overriding force behind the running of a criminal justice system is the spirit of the law.

The police force on the other hand represents the active or the physical part of the law that gives the spirit of the law life. In many countries, because security is a major issue, it is always normal that there are private security firms existing along the government sanctioned and owned security agencies. However, there are postulations being made by experts in the public security to the effect that lapses in the effective running and maintenance of the criminal justice system is pegged on the fact that there is no integration of the justice system (Judah and Michael 2004).

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