Criminology Theory Assignment: In class we watched the movie Girl Trouble

This assignment for criminological theory course and here is the description:

In class we watched the movie Girl Trouble. Briefly summarize Sheila’s past criminal history and at least two specific situations that Shelia made decisions and engaged in behavior that: (1) resulted in persistence in offending, and (2) resulted in desistance or termination from offending. In your answer, define the terms persistence, desistance and termination of criminal offending. Finally, do you think one theory explains both decisions/behaviors (persistence and desistance) or do you think there are separate theoretical explanations for each decision/behavior? Name the theory or theories that explain her decisions/behaviors and explain why you think the theory or theories are most appropriate.
Your responses should be typed and double spaced using 12 point font. In your assignment, please indicate your name, use professional language, staple and number all pages and do NOT exceed 5 pages of text (maximum of 5 pages). Include a reference page and in text citations when necessary.

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