Crimp characterizes postmodern art as presenting a distance from history, and an absence of origins and originals

(Crimp, ?Pictures? 85, 87). Select TWO works on view at the MCA?s The Way of the Shovel exhibition that make a strong argument for the importance of an original thing, material, moment of production, etc. How does each work make the original thing, and its origins present to us? How do the materials differ, and how does the difference in materials record or reflect history differently? How do these objects fit within art history ? do they each invoke different moments of art history, or different subfields within art history?

Your essay should describe both works, and compare and contrast them ? AND ? use at least 2 of the sources from our course readings.

if you think the images that I provide is not easy to compare and contrast, you can choose two images from this website.

“The Way of the Shovel: Art as Archaeology” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

that are the information I can provide, these artists are not super famous therefore there are not much information about their art works, and my proffessor also did not recommend use outside resources, so you have to have at least 2 quote from the reading that I provide. I cant extend the deadline, because this paper is due on my Thursday afternoon class. I need that paper before I wake up, and this is my final paper it is 25% of my entire grad, so it is super important.

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