Critical Incident + My SWOT analysis + My Action plane for 2015


I already attached my document that I want you to review it, add some more points and correct it as the sample that I provide it.
The assignment is divided in three sections:
1- Write a critical incident (I already write one but I need you to review it and correct it as the sample I download it, also for the lesson that I learn I need you to write more. The attached sample called example of critical incident page 1 & 2 , he want us to write out incident the same style he used in the sample I provided ( please not that it’s two pages, please read it and apply the same style to my critical incident)
2- MY SWOT analysis (he asked us to write our SWOT analysis and to focus on 3 parts 1- presentation skills 2- group working 3- critical thinking skills, I couldn’t write about critical thinking and I need you to write that also if you have a good points you can add it to any section.
3- My action plane (I do write them all but I need u to full the rest of the schedule with more details as the sample that I download it under the name of example of action plane.

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