Critical thinking class


In most cases the world is defined by differences in opinion and information; people write what they think though the right information might not delivered. All these opinions in our midst need to be analyzed objectively so as to reach at information that is considerable to our opinions and those of others in fair and objective manner (Robert J. Sternberg 5).

Critical thinking class provides the students with the knowledge to be objective in thoughts and in analytical skills.

Basically a critical thinking class is aimed at enabling a student to analyze information objectively and give arguments that have been critically analyzed. Though one may have a clear stand over an argument, a critical thinking class teaches on how to consider and handle opinions that are contrary to personal opinion.  Critical thinking classes aid in coming up with arguments through examination of various opinions and context on related topic in humanities and the social sciences (Robert J. Sternberg 5). One is enabled to learn and have the overview of what others think and argue in their opinions therefore creating more attraction to opinionated topics. A student is also enabled to analyze these topics constructively and create more attractive ways of representing them.


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