Critiquing Qualitative Research Articles or Studies

A. Methods

1. What type of qualitative design is this research? Why do you think it is this type?
2. What was the problem for this research? State why you think this is the problem.
3. What are the research questions that drive this study? Please state them
4. Are techniques for data collection appropriate to the inquiry?
a. Have they been adequately specified? Is there evidence of multiple data sources?
5. Were sufficient data collected from a variety of participants over an appropriate length of time?
Why or why not?
6. Is the context/setting of the study adequately described? Defend your answer
7. Are criteria for the selection of participants or informants presented? State what the criteria
a. Are participants described in adequate detail?
8. Is the data analysis appropriate to the question, the methodology, and the theoretical framework?
Defend your answer.
9. Are data analysis techniques adequately described? Defend your answer.
10. Is triangulation of the various data sources addressed?

B. Findings/Interpretations
1. Are the necessary data reported? If not, what is needed?
2. Are unnecessary data reported? If so, what should be deleted?
3. Are the assertions that are made supported by the data? Defend your answer.
4. Are quotes from the various data sources used to support the assertions?
a. Are such quotes adequately referenced (e.g., data, source)?
5. Are the interpretations trustworthy and credible? Defend your answer.
6. Is the report detailed enough so that the findings are comparable to other contexts? Defend your
7. Is the discussion congruent with the introduction/rationale for the study? Defend your answer.
8. Did the author(s) make an effort to translate theory into practice? Defend your answer

C. General Features

1. Was this a significant study? Why or why not?



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