Curriculum development for child care centers

Child Care Administration Guidelines / Rubric for Independent Study
The student will prepare a 6 to 8 page paper (not counting the cover page, introduction and bibliography), written in APA format, discussing a topic of your choice related to Child Care Administration.
• Material presented in this paper must come from sources other than our textbook.All students in the class are reading the textbook as assigned.  It is your challenge to research and find material above and beyond what is presented in the textbook.  The written paper will be handed to the instructor on the assigned date.
The paper will include the following components • Cover page including topic title, student name, course title, and date  (5 points) • Introductory page to clearly define the topic  (5 points) • Discussion of the topic    (45 points) – Nature of this topic clearly defined -Components of this topic clearly defined -Positive/negative aspects of this topic in relation to child care administration -Discussion of how your topic could be implemented into a Center’s program. • How can I advocate for/bring awareness to my Center and /or other Centers about this topic?  (25 points) • Conclusion   (10 points) -Clearly written statement of conclusion – Well-formed statement of your position on the topic  • Bibliography  (10 points) A minimum of five sources, listed in the APA format, is required.  At least two of these sources must be print sources (professional journals, books, etc.).  APA format is to be used within the text where these references are cited.  One point will be deducted from the grade for each incorrect reference, within the text or in the bibliography.  The course textbooks may be cited, but will not count as one of the five sources. My topic Curriculum development is an important component for child care centers. focus on curriculum you can view it from the standpoint of cost, implmentation, is it developmentally appropriate, etc.
The name of text book Hearron, P., & Hildebrand, V.  (2011).  Management of child development centers (7th ed.).  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. Do not use as sources



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