CUSABIO hold a strong power in ELISA

CUSABIO hold a strong power in ELISA.

CUSABIO has a sound platform for the development of ELISA kit, mature antigen-antibody research and development system. We are proficient in a variety of ELISA technologIies, such as the double-antibody sandwich method, double antigen sandwich method, (direct) competition ELISA, indirect competition ELISA, blocking method, indirect ELISA and other methods.

CUSABIO company has complete advanced equipment, rich experience in recombinant protein expression and purification, inclusion bodies refolding and in the rotein extraction. CUSABIO successfully extracted more than 100 kinds of proteins with the many dozens of species through the prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems, as well as the expression vector optimization.

CUSABIO undertake the implementation of a number of biological state and provincial and municipal science and technology projects as an opportunity to further increase investment in science and technology, and improving the technical level, but also improve the business further R & D center, with well-known institutions to increase and cooperation efforts related experts and scholars formed a deeper level of the enterprise features of research science and technology innovation system, to keep high-tech products to seize the commanding heights of the market to ensure the sustained and healthy development of the business on.

CUSABIO hold a strong power in ELISA

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