Dance – Lyon Opera Ballet

Un Ballo” is a dance piece that expresses a relationship between men and women. For the most part, the women in the piece come across as being peaceful, gentle and eloquent. The men touch the women with tenderness throughout most of the dance. However, at times the audience feels the sexual tension between the male and female partners. “Un Ballo” is a dance that portrays love and the complications that come alone with it. The romance that is depicted in this dance is dominated by the women in the dance. They come across as having more power than the men in the relationship, yet, at the same time they are still vulnerable which makes the performance entertaining.
The form of “Un Ballo” is how I came up with the content conclusions that were just described. While watching the dance, the first thing that the audience notices is the fact that there are five couples on the stage. They began the dance with the five women standing in front of the five men. The women were wearing fancy black dresses. The dresses were tight like a bustier on top and eloquently flowed out once it reached the bellybutton. The length of their dresses were below the knee, revealing the lower part of the female dancers legs. The men were wearing semi-tight shirts and black pants, which were also relatively fancy to fit with the women’s image.
As the dance started, the classical music began. The music was soft, slow, sad, and romantic. In the beginning, the dancers moved to the music gracefully. The men traditionally presented the women and led her through the dance while lifting the women from time to time. Towards the middle of the dance, the music stopped and the women stopped dancing and started to bang on the floor. This happened a couple of times throughout the dance. The banging on the floor made the women appear and sound strong for a moment. The banging took the audience by surprise

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