Essay 1: Description

There are many places in Bellevue that serve many different purposes (audiences). You may already realize that if you walk in Barnes and Nobles, you expect to see books and people reading them whereas if you walk into Red Robin, you expect to see people eating and socializing. These are the basic differences in audience that each different establishment caters to. For this assignment you will choose a public place and write a profile that describes it. Your primary goal is to discover what this place represents, what is its audience, and present this to your audience through the use of sensory details.
To effectively pursue this assignment, you will be doing primary research. This consists of actually going to your place of choice and observing (critically) what is there and what activity is occurring there, and who goes there. Try to describe this place and the mood of the place without inserting your own commentary. Another way of putting this is that you will be creating a picture through your words. Sensory details are critical for this aspect of description as the essay itself functions through the use of those details.
Your audience for this paper is your classmates, and you should present your paper as such. Through a process of carefully explaining your observations through clear writing, you should be able to effectively represent the location that you selected in your paper. It is important that you write critically so as to not impose your own judgment of the place on your audience.
? Length 2-4 pages
? Description is created through the effective use of sensory details.
? We have 5 senses; don’t forget to use them as sight isn’t always the best for creating or
describing a mood.
? Do not make commentary. The idea is to be an observer of a place and record in detail the happenings of that place.
? Critical observation = objective observation (a picture in words)
? Please remember this is an observation of a PUBLIC place. Your living room is NOT a public place.
? MLA documentation style is required (12 point font. Times New Roman. 1” margins)
? Most importantly, if you have any questions, make sure to ask me as soon as possible to make this essay assignment easier.

Make the essay into either 1st person or 3rd person not second person. so dont use “you”.
write about centurylink stadium in seattle during a sounders game for when you walk in and use ALL 5 senses to describe the experience it make it distinct from any other atmosphere

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