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Topic: Design and Methodology

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For this assignment you are required to answer four short essay questions on general design and methodological issues. Some questions may require a longer answer than others (**). Please answer the questions in full text form rather than by using bullet points and other summarising methods. All reference material must be cited and referenced in correct APA style. Feel free to cite websites, but if you do so, reference and cite them correctly.

1. “Science is the best way to answer questions, explain causal relationships in nature, and test the effectiveness of treatments.” Do you agree with this statement? Take a position and defend it.

2. What is the best design for an intervention study? Describe a hypothetical intervention study and outline how you would design such a study. Make sure that you describe all of the essential features of the design that you choose, and make sure that you point out why each of those features is necessary for your design.

3. “There is more likely to be a causal relationship between the variables investigated in a quasi-experimental design than a correlational design”. Yes? No? Maybe? Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of these designs in answering this question. Examples of your own devising will help.

4. Summarise the logic underlying null hypothesis significance testing and the steps involved in testing a statistical hypothesis in the context of a hypothetical experimental study of your own devising. For every point you make, you need to relate it back to your hypothetical study.


– (**) 350 words per question give or take as per the question
– Objective scientific essay
– Written in the third person
– Quality of reference material – how has it been used to answer the question and help with argument
– APA format
– 2 reference per question
– Question 4 – Black and White – can get it wrong, explain first what the hypothetical study is

Marking Guide

Each essay will be marked out of five.

• A grade of 4 – 5 will be given for a question that is of High Distinction standard

• A grade of 3.5 will be given to an essay that is of Distinction standard

• A grade of 3 will be given to an essay that is of Credit standard

• A grade of 2.5 will be given to an essay that is of Pass standard

• Essays that fail will be given a grade < 2.5

Each essay will be assessed holistically, taking into account the following aspects:

• The quality of writing, including presentation, grammar, spelling and expression. The essays are to be written in objective, scientific style, and all citing and referencing must be in APA style.

• The quality of reference material, and how that reference material has been used in answering the question, and in support of the argument.

• The strength, logic and consistency of argument.

• The extent to which the essay has answered the question.

• The structure of the essay, including the balance of information; that is, has the right amount of material been provided for each element of the essay question.

• The accuracy of the information that is presented.

• The relevance of the information provided in terms of answering the question.

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