Developing an Academic Research Paper

Developing an Academic Research Paper

Assignment Point Value
Length / Format
Developing an Academic Research Paper 200
1,500 words (total)
Use MLA design for Title Page, Header


PRO 5 will ask you to locate 2 academic / peer-reviewed sources, and use these tosupport a thesis (unlike PRO 4,one that is more opinion than statement of fact). You may use the 2 articles from PRO 4, if you’d like (assuming that they met the requirements for PRO 4). It also asks you to incorporate 3 additional specific forms of research into the paper:

• A book from the library ( (our university library) or OhioLink, physical or electronic)
• A documentary / video on the topic (Could be from Library, or on the internet)
• A newspaper article (use LexisNexis)
You are welcome to use additional resources, as long as you use the 5 above.

Writing Goals
• Apply basic writing processes, including time management (for PRO 5, this is largely reading, note-taking skills and research).
• Develop introduction that includes a more opinionated, dualistic thesis statement.
• Correctly integrate quotes and paraphrases to support topic sentences.
• Correctly use personal pronouns within an academic essay.
• Apply basic narrative structures (evident through content placement and transitions) to make
writing readable and easier to understand.
• Correctly use MLA for documentation / citation.

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