Developing an Educational Activity

Project description
Step 1 Identify a health need.
Search websites such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Healthy People 2020, and your state/county/local health departments to find a health need of women, children and adolescents, or families. Identify one health need that could benefit from an educational activity.
Step 2 Develop an educational activity.
Using the nursing process as a guide, develop an educational activity focused on a health need of women, children and adolescents, or families in the United States. While all steps of the nursing process must be addressed, the primary focus of this assignment is the planning step. Support your plan with resources and citations.
Step 3 Describe your plan.
Create a document that describes the plan for the educational activity as follows:
Health need
What is the knowledge deficit related to?
Title of educational program (based on your assessment and diagnosis)
Target audience (patients/families, nurses)
Learning outcomes (the goals of the educational program)
Teaching strategies to be used (discussion, lecture, video clips, Q & A)
The educational activity (the plan)
Delivery of the educational activity (propose when/where/how long, but do not carry out the activity)
How you will assess the extent to which the learning outcomes were met
List of resources and citations that substantiate the health need and support your educational activity plan

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