Discuss how social exclusion can impact on the health outcomes of people experiencing mental illness.

Discuss it in a maximum of 1500 words how this determinant influences the mental health of the Australians people.
Your answer must include and organise as following:
1.0    Introduction (Your introduction is the ideal place to outline the scope of your essay)
2.0    Determinants of social Exclusion in Australia
-Background to the determinant (social exclusion include poverty, unemployment, discrimination, stigmatization, hostility, racism…etc.) including any relevant statistics incidence and prevalence
3.0    How the Determinant Influences the Mental Health of Australia
– Evidence of how the determinant influences the mental health of the Australians people. , i.e. relevant health behaviours as well as health outcomes- there may be multiple impacts on mental,
Then be specific and write about three outcome, must be in three body paragraph sub headline:-
2.1 distress
2.2 schizophrenia
2.3 depression
4.0    The impact of the determinant mental may be positive and/or negative.
5.0    conclusion

Referencing instruction

You must use the APA 6th edition for citing, referencing and formatting requirements.
You will be required to use only credible sources of information for your essay sourced from Peer reviewed journal articles, credible books and reports are the preferred sources of information. Credible websites such as the AIHW or ABS can be accessed via the Health Sciences website. You need to use a minimum of 10 credible sources of information preferably published within the last 10 years (2004 onwards). Please give me copy for each referencing you use as pdf file.


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