“Don’t Blame the Eater” and “Calories for Sale”

“Don’t Blame the Eater” and “Calories for Sale” the authors blame fast-food and prepared-food producing corporations for the rise in childhood obesity. They also both reference the role of advertising on the part of the corporations in their discussions of the relationship between nutritionally poor food and childhood obesity. The difference, however, is in how they make their arguments.

What is the major difference between how Zinczenko, and Linn and Novosat present their arguments? What is the central argument of each essay, and what supporting arguments do they offer? What types of evidence do they offer to illustrate their supporting arguments? What types of suggestions do they make about how to fix this issue? Which style do you think is more effective? Why?

Your short essay should be a minimum of 500 words long, and should utilize quotation, summary, and paraphrase to discuss “Don’t Blame the Eater” and “Calories for Sale”. You should use in-text citations and a Works Cited Page to help clearly indicate to your reader where your information came from, and where they could find it to check its validity.

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