Dynamic Macroeconomics Custom Paper

Each questions must over 400 words and please read carefully the document I’ve uploaded includes the main requirement of those questions, I’ll also upload the textbook and lectures, please make sure all the information comes from the textbook and lectures, the textbook that I had uploaded may not include the graph and some chapters so you can also follow the text book named “Introducing advanced macroeconomics: growth and business cycles 2 nd edition” Peter Birch, Whitta-Jacobsen.

1) ?Policy ineffectiveness is a natural result of imposing rational expectations on a macro model.? Discuss.
(1) Chapter 21 stabilization policy with rational expectations
-the policy ineffectiveness proposition
-policy effectiveness under rational expectations

2) Explain how the need to induce no shirking amongst the workforce might lead to positive unemployment equilibrium. (Must with graph please; you can find from the textbook and lecture)
(2) Lecture 15-16
Chapter 10-12

3) Outline the main features of the Solow growth model. Elaborate on what is the effect on output and output growth within the model of an increase in:
a. investment rate;
b. population growth.
(Must with two graphs for a and b please; you can find from the textbook and lecture)
(3) Lecture 20-21 Solow model
Chapter 3-9
4) What is the difference between the absolute convergence hypothesis and the conditional convergence hypothesis? To what extent, if at all, are these hypotheses supported by the empirical evidence.
(4) Chapter 2 some facts about prosperity and growth

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