Eating out

THE HARD ROCK CAFÉ is a restaurant located near the design district in Dallas, Texas. Few other restaurants surround this one of a kind eatery, making it a great choice for lunch for those who work nearby. Before entering this restaurant, one must ascend a flight of stairs which leads up to an outdoor eating area. On a nice day when this area is full, it can give others a chance to peak at a full table of food and get an idea of what they want to eat. Upon entering the building from outside, the bar, in the shape of an electric guitar, is directly to the left, allowing customers who are in a hurry to pull up a seat and get busy ordering. At this point of entry is where the host welcomes everyone to the restaurant. A lowered dining level conceals the entrance from the guests and allows them to enjoy their environment more readily. A stage is placed at the back of the facility for display. The use of carpet softens that area and invites patrons to take pictures with Elvis. Fluted columns behind the stage add a classical look to the room. The main dining area is dimly lit and the light wood floors makes it easy to move seating around without showing to much damage from the chair and table legs. The use of hard wood floors in this area makes it easier for the staff to keep the restaurant clean. The dark wood tables stand out in the restaurant against the lighter wood used on the floor. The dome situated two levels above the main dining area is painted with clouds and gives the feelings of being outdoors. This could resemble an oculus that allows light in during the day. A second level balcony allows one to eat while enjoying the “concert” below.
JOE’S CRAB SHACK is a restaurant geared toward the entertainment of people; much like the Hard Rock Café. Although this restaurant is only one level it has the ability to pack a crowd. Unlike the Hard Rock Café’ this restaurant is located in the West End in Dallas an…

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