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Capstone case study 2

This case study focuses on an article that describes how one CEO’s nomadic childhood provided many valuable life lessons that he has used in his rise to the top of YUM Brands, the parent company of such popular eateries as Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

Read the article titled, Change is Good for CEO’s Success, by Michelle Archer. Keep in mind what you have learned and discussed about change (organizational change, in particular) in your BUSS 100 — Business Principles and BUSS215 — Management Principles courses.

Answer the following prompts in a three-page MS Word document:1. Evaluate how well you handle change. Describe the strengths and weaknesses you have in this area. 2. Evaluate how your life experiences have helped or hindered your ability to deal effectively with change. Explain3. Assess and describe the ways that professional change (promotions, hiring’s, firings, etc.) can help an organization to evolve or devolve.4. Why do you feel employees resist change? Describe some measures that management can take to foster a positive view of change in an organization. 5. How does the subject matter in this article relate to your career and community experience? How can it positively impact those parts of your life?

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