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please use at least one in- text reference for each paragraph, for long paragraph, please use at least 2- 3 in-text reference. please do a research of australian economics before do the ass. coz it is quite import for me .you can go to this website for more referencing details.

Economics for Business 2

Individual assignment for semester 1, 2014

You will be assigned to a group in your tutorial and your group needs to make a presentation on ONE of these topics either in Week 8. The presentation is worth 15% of the marks for this subject.

You then need to submit an INDIVIDUAL assignment on the topic. The word limit is 1500 – 2000 words and this must be submitted in Week 11 to your tutor. The individual assignment is worth 25% of the marks for this subject.

All assignments must be submitted to Turnitin on the UTS Online site for this subject. If your assignment is not submitted together with an ‘originality report’ from Turnitin, it will not be marked.

It is also essential that your individual assignment is correctly referenced.
I suggest you use the following link to ensure that your referencing is correctly done:

The following website:  is also useful for checking that your references are done correctly. If you fail to reference correctly you will not pass this assignment.

1.    Income inequity in Australia

The market system always results in an unequal distribution of income and this can have some disadvantages for the economy.
1.    How unequal is the distribution of income in Australia? Has the distribution of income become more or less equal over the past 10 years? Give evidence to support your answer.
2.    What are the causes of income inequality?
3.    What actions does the government take to make income distribution more equal in Australia? Why does the government do this?
4.    Do you think income inequality is good or bad for the economy? Give reasons to support your answer. (This must be answered as part of your presentation – in your individual assignment you should write 250-500 words on this issue)

Group Presentation

The group presentation is worth 15% of the marks for this subject. Usually all members of the group will be given the same mark. However, if it is clear that some members of the group did not contribute significantly to the group effort, these group members will be given a lower mark.

Marking criteria

Marking criteria for both the group presentation and individual assignment are available on the UTS Online site for this subject.

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