ECS 585 Incorporating Technology

Task: ECS 585 Incorporating Technology

Part 1: Instructional Tools Chart Instructional tools are very important when it comes to both engagement and to help with developmental growth. Using the “Instructional Tools Chart,” create a descriptive list of five instructional tools that you would consider using in your field experience classroom to enhance STEM/STEAM. ECS 585 Incorporating Technology

Part 2: Reflection In a 250-500 word reflection, highlight how the integration of all content areas creates a stronger foundation for learning. Briefly describe how STEM and STEAM differ from one another, and your personal stance on whether you prefer the use of STEM, STEAM, or both in K-3 education, explaining how the learning environment and individual student needs affect your choice. Reflecting back on the previously created lesson plans you wrote for this course, how would you envision incorporating technology tools and literacy into them? Support your findings with 2-3 scholarly resources.

Description of the tool and how it will be used to support STEM education.

Provide examples of how you would use the tool and differentiate for studets with exceptionalities. ECS 585 Incorporating Technology

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