Effective feedback

Effective feedback

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Topic 9 considers the importance of involving your students in a ‘dialogue’ about their work and their progress, by including them in the feedback process. It discusses the importance of providing the kind of feedback that is appropriate for students to be able to respond to and use to improve their achievement ‘ that is to say, it is not just feedback to let them know ‘how they went’.
The topic also explores the idea of student involvement in the assessments that will measure their progress.
For this task, you are required to compose a short “lecture” that could be presented to your peers. The purpose of the lecture is to enlighten future teachers about the most important issues concerning effective teaching and assessment in the classroom. (Please note, this portfolio piece encompasses all you have learned in this unit, not just this week’s topic).
You will need to review all the material about effective teaching and assessment from this Study Period, and also include information about effective feedback and students as assessment partners (from this week’s topic). Your argument will be informed by your readings as usual and you will still need to reference your work in the standard format. Your writing will remain in the third person but you should write with the audience in mind.

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