Emergency Plan

Emergency Plan.

Emergency Plan

Subject: Political Science

Assignment: Develop an Emergency Plan

Everyone needs an Emergency Plan in the event that a major incident occurs in our area and we are no longer able to communicate by cell phone or over the internet. Imagine if all forms of communication are no longer available and we are in a separate location from our friends and family.

Go to www.ready.gov and research information relating to the development of an Emergency Plan. Review the website, and other resources you may find valuable, and begin to put together the basic outline of your Emergency Plan. You should consider such primary questions as:

?? Should we stay put or should we evacuate?

?? How will everyone in our group ?V friends and family ?V contact each other?

?? Which members of our group need transportation and who is self-sufficient?

?? What resources are in our neighborhood that we might be able to utilize?

?? Where will we all meet in the event we need to evacuate and cannot communicate?

?? Who is our out of town contact and how to we contact that person?

?? What supplies do we need?

?? Any and all other questions that you can think of to consider.

For your written assignment you will detail your family plan, utilizing non-specific names and addresses to ensure your personal confidentiality as well as that of your friends and family.

You are encouraged to use information shared during the discussion forum to supplement the information contained in your emergency plan. You are encouraged to make your plan truly valuable in order to overcome challenges that will arise during difficult times.



Emergency Plan

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