Employee Training Checklist

Topic: Employee Training Checklist

Paper instructions:

put together an informative Employee Training Checklist to assist them in effectively dealing with difficult customers and customer-service issues. This tool would be something that you would hand to employees to give them ideas and suggestions on how to handle and confront different types of service encounters. You should make it interesting, enthusiastic, empowering, and supportive. Feel free to be creative on how you design the sheet, and review the lecture and book material on strategies for empowering and handling customer-service issues

The example could be added as part of the assignment or as a link. The example is:


Leading by Example: Inspiring the Sustenance Team

Objective: As a front of house manager you should begin everyday in the same manner. Greet everyone you come into contact with and then ask yourself these questions before performing your daily starting routine. If at any time you cannot answer these questions stop yourself, reassess your attitude, address the question at hand, and then when you are ready, continue with your day. During the before-service line up, address these questions as a team with your staff. Address any comments or concerns they may have in regards to procedure, service, and their mission. Customers have bad days. Our staff cannot.



Am I dressed the part?

Was I on time or was I early?

Do I have the right attitude?

Am I treating everyone and their opinions with respect?

Body and Mannerisms:


Is my posture and positioning inviting or intimidating?

Do I greet everyone enthusiastically and with a smile?

Do I move with purpose or am I dragging behind?

Am I correcting employees in a positive constructive manner?

Am I praising and rewarding things that are done correctly or exceptionally?



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