EPI 630: Principles Of Epidemiology

EPI 630: Principles Of Epidemiology

Citation for research article:

1.As you read the popular press article, what were your impressions?  Were the study methods and results clearly defined?  Were any critical strengths or limitations of the study mentioned? 

2. As you reviewed the research article, did you come away from the study with the same impression as was conveyed in the popular press article?  Explain.  

3. What is the exposure in this study?  How was it measured?  Do you think this is a precise and reasonable way to measure this exposure?

4. What is the outcome in this study?  How was it measured?  If you were running this study, how would you choose to measure this outcome for this study?

5. What study design was used?  Explain how participants were selected and how they were followed.  Do you feel this is the most effective study design for studying this exposure and outcome or would you propose an alternate design?  Explain.  

6. How might confounding or bias have impacted the study results?  

7. Summarize the major similarities and differences between the popular press article and the journal article.  Do you feel the popular press article clearly and correctly conveyed these results?  Why or why not?  

EPI 630: Principles Of Epidemiology

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