Evaluation of a Quantitative Study

Review the sample research studies at the end of chapters 10, 11, and 12 of the Educational Research Creswell text. Select a study that is of interest to you. With the guidance offered in chapters 5, 6, and 9 (particularly Figure 9.6 on page 286), as well as the annotated template provided for this assignment, evaluate the research study you have selected. Be sure to use the Evaluation of a Quantitative Study Template to complete your assignment.   I choose to do a Action research Design on High School tardiness Age range- 14-17, Location:Urban public schools   Topic: Reasons Why Students Go to School Late and The effect it has on their education.   Research Problem:   The purpose of the study is to determine the reasons and effects of tardiness of the students.

Question1 :How does tardiness affect a students studies?   Question 2:Why do students go to school late?   Question 3: How does the tardiness of a student affect his/her attitude?   Purpose:

The purpose of this Action research design is to outline and discuss the existing research on excessive tardiness in school.

(a) Programs Designed for Excessive Tardiness.

(b) Causes and Correlates of Excessive Tardiness.

Research Question:   What root causes correlate with excessive tardiness for high school students?



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