Explore gender roles in a specific Spanish-speaking country and examine issues related to power and opportunity for women;

Topic: Explore gender roles in a specific Spanish-speaking country and examine issues related to power and opportunity for women;

1) Witten Compositions.
You will have two writing assignments.PLEASE WORK ON THE 1ST PAPER..
The first one is an academic research paper that is a minimum of four
Pages on a diverse, underrepresented group of people in a Spanish-
Speaking country.
Within heterogeneous societies, some diverse groups end up being
underrepresented and thus marginalized. Therefore, the objective of
this paper is to demonstrate knowledge of a diverse,
underrepresented group in a heterogeneous Spanish-speaking
country. Explore the cultural aspects of the group that you choose;
research and discuss its cultural contributions, experiences, values,
histories and power struggles as a diverse group.


First, select a Spanish-speaking country that you would like to
research. This can include Spanish-speaking populations in the United
States. Then, research an underrepresented group in that country
that has distinct cultural aspects that make them diverse, and result
in experiences of marginalization. A group of people can be
underrepresented due to a variety of factors such as their race,
ethnicity, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, disability,
language, or class. Some examples of such groups are:

• the Quechua people in Peru
• the Jews in Argentina
• women in Mexico
• Basque speakers in Spain.
• the Mapuches in Chile
• the Japanese in Argentina
Next, write an academic research paper describing the experiences of this
diverse group living in a plural society. You should focus on the values and
traditions of the group you have selected with a particular emphasis on any
one of the following:

• Political system
• Government
• Technological achievements
• Philosophy
• Religion
• Language (if this group is a language minority in the country you have chosen)
• Literature
• Other cultural contributions
In your paper, as you discuss the experiences of your group, be sure also to
discuss what it means to be diverse in relation to power, privilege and
inequality in a society in which one is a member of an underrepresented

Here are some possible topics:

• Describe a Spanish-speaking country that is linguistically diverse (more than one language is spoken in the country), religiously diverse (more than one religion is practiced in the country), or ethnically diverse and explore the benefits and problems for one of the underrepresented groups living in that plural society;
• Explore gender roles in a specific Spanish-speaking country and examine issues related to power and opportunity for women;
• Investigate the experiences of Spanish-speaking immigrants in the United States, or of another group of immigrants in a Spanish-speaking country.

• Must show proof of factual knowledge of the under-represented group in the Spanish-speaking country or Spanish-speaking immigrants in the United States, as well as reflection on cultural contributions, experiences, values, struggles, or the history of this group. Thus, it will require thorough preparation (e.g. interviews, research data, or a combination of both).
• Should be organized, with a logical sequence of ideas, well-structured paragraphs, varied sentence structure and appropriate level of language, a variety of vocabulary appropriate to the subject, and flawless grammar and spelling.
• Should communicate ideas clearly and concisely with cultural sensitivity and provide thorough and relevant supporting evidence. Cultural sensitivity means being aware that cultural differences and similarities exist and have an effect on values, learning and behavior.
• Should demonstrate a thoughtful description of an issue related to a category of diversity (such as gender, language, race, class, etc.).
• Should contain one inserted object, image, or graph, for example. The inserted object should be relevant to the content of the essay and should be placed thoughtfully within the essay.
Audience: Your audience is your instructor and other members of the class, representative of an adult, educated, academic audience.

The paper must:
• Be typed.
• Be four pages, written in English, double-spaced, with a 12-point font.
• Show evidence of research, organization, and depth.
• Have a minimum of 4 appropriate academic resources. Try using the CCBC Library Research Databases page under Cultures. See https://library.ccbcmd.edu and click on Citations: MLA | APA | Chicago to see how to cite your references.
*If you need assistance with your writing, please go to the Writing Center
(AHUM 219–Essex, COMM 121—Dundalk, or LIBR 121–Catonsville) and/or
refer to the CCBC Student Guide to Writing in the Disciplines:

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