Fact Pattern Officer Jones, who is on a routine traffic patrol in your state, receives information that a late-model foreign car was taken at

Fact PatternOfficer Jones, who is on a routine traffic patrol in your state,receives information that a late-model foreign car was takenat gunpoint from a motorist about one hour earlier, 10 milesaway. The only description of the individual who took the carwas “a young male wearing a baseball cap.” A few minuteslater Officer Jones observes a young Hispanic male driving alate-model BMW. The driver, John, is obeying all traffic laws,including driving at the speed limit. John isn’t wearing abaseball cap. Officer Jones pulls John over and asks him forhis license and car registration. John informs him that hedoesn’t have a license and that he borrowed the car from hisuncle. Officer Jones spots a New York Yankees baseball capin the back seat. He asks John to remain in the car and useshis radio to check on the BMW plates. He’s told on the radiothat the BMW was in fact the car that was stolen in the robberyearlier. Officer Jones places handcuffs on John and, without advising him of his constitutional rights under theFifth Amendment, asks him if he was involved in the robbery.John tells him that he was and tells the officer thatthe gun he used is in the trunk. Officer Jones recovers thegun in the trunk and takes the baseball cap as evidence.John then tells the officer that he’s a member of the streetgang MS-13 and that this was part of the initiation.Specifications1. Create a title page with the following information:a. Title: Criminologyb. Your namec. Your Student Numberd. Project number: 40601300e. Current dateQ1.Essay 1: If you’re the police officer who arrestedJohn, with what crimes would you charge him?

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