Field Activity

Field Activity

This is a Field Activity from my Nutrition Class,and I am done with the paper, can you fix it looks better?

the whole assignment is
For this project you will be committing to volunteering for four hours at any facility or event that has a positive impact on the health and/ or nutrition of our community. Ideas include volunteering at the GMU Health and Fitness Expo, or local food banks, Meal on Wheels, community cooking classes or WIC Clinic/ Events.

After your participation you will be required to complete a 1-2 page paper describing how you helped/ what your job or jobs were, what you learned at the event, how you believe the event/ program was of benefit to the community and any suggestions for improving the event next year. You must take the acknowledgment form (to be posted on Black Board ASAP) that must be filled in and signed with contact information from your supervisor to confirm your four hour participation.

Each student will be responsible for his or her own report. If you have ANY issues with attending an event you are required to discuss this with myself by the end of next class. You are being told this in advance so there is no excuse for missing the experience.

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