Final Part

Final Part.

Final Part ($50.00)

Federal Education Program Proposal

The capstone project is a four-part assignment, focusing on a selected federal education program that serves children and schools. Part One was selecting the Course Research Topic, completed in Week 1. Part Two was the Federal Program Summary, completed in Week 2. Part Three was the Federal Program Evaluation Plan, and was completed in Week 3. The final part of the capstone project, Part Four, will be a proposal for change regarding the selected federal education program.

In an eight to ten page paper propose changes for the selected federal education program. Within the paper:

  • Explain how the proposed changes will support the program in better serving children and schools.
  • Describe strategies for effectively communicating the proposed changes with the community and policy makers.
  • Evaluate the role of cultural and structural reform in meeting the program outcomes.
  • Examine current legislation that impacts the selected federal education program.
  • Analyze the function of assessment and evaluation in supporting reform within the education program.

Six other credible references, in addition to the course text, are required. Remember to cite all sources using APA style.

Final Part

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