Finance & Insurance Department Business Continuity Plan Procedure

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 Draft the Finance & Insurance Department Business Continuity Plan for an LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) producing company.

Here the Procedure has to be written to preparedness/ readiness for any major crisis and tackled through three time dimensions:

(A) Before Crisis (B) During Crisis (C) After Crisis:

by company’s reaction through addressing responses to various Stakeholders, for example:

(1) Lenders: Represented via their Agent BTMU

(2) Shareholders

(3) Banks: Local & Offshore JP Morgan Chase

(4) Insurance Companies: Local & the Reinsurance Broker “Marsh Ltd” and reinsurance underwriters, Loss adjusters, Surveyors etc.

Would be good if there’s an earlier LNG Business Continuity Plan for Finance & Insurance Department where similar sections get adapted to my requirement. Also, using graphs for Process flows like starting from Initiation of claims till closure/settlement in case of major Catastrophic Claim arise towards Property like Company’s Plant Assets, Head Office Buildings, residential Complex etc.

Here from the insurance prospective we have two main policies (Property Damage with Business Interruption Policy and Third Party Liability Policy) with the same local Lead Insurer who is a local company re-insuring both policies through a broker called “Marsh Ltd”.

Also, you need to be tackle the Banks, Lenders, Shareholders and the Company’s readiness/response in the three time dimensions mentioned above.

The company does have Business Crisis Directory which I will update in the procedure for the Focal Point of each of the  respective stakeholder: Local and Offshore Banks, Local and Re-insurance company’s,  Lenders Agent.. etc.


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