Financial Development and Economic Growth

Topic: Financial Development and Economic Growth (Cyprus)

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I would like to develop an ARDL econometric model using STATA to derive the relationship between financial development and growth of GDP per capita in Cyprus. This will be part of my undergraduate dissertation and I only require the tables with the results and the tests, and the commands used.

Our hypothesis is that the growth rate of GDP is dependent on the financial development along with other variables.

The dependent variable is "gdpg", financial development is measured from "m3", "ps" and "ds". The control variable are "inf", "gover", "gcf" and "trade". They are all explained in the excel file.

We must find that the co- efficient estimate for the interaction dependence and financial development is positive and significant.

I would like the tables from the results and the tests used to construct the model (e.g. Dickey Fuller test, other unit root tests etc), and the commands used in STATA to run the model ( the regression).

If you need any more assistance I have a few relevant papers to provide.

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